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C6 Comprehensive Fob Programming Instructions
« on: July 23, 2015, 06:10:37 PM »
I have redone the instructions to include a test of the glovebox slot before doing the long procedure so that people don't get into a situation where they erase all the old fobs and then find that the slot doesn't work and they can't add new fobs back to the system. I also would recommend that you attach a battery tender to the car if you have one as a low battery can cause all kinds of crazy behavior from the car. This is especially important when doing the long procedure as it takes 30 minutes. Also, it is a good idea to disable the autolock feature if you have enabled it because it is a pain to have the car lock itself on you while doing this procedure and then have the horn honk when you open the door. Please keep in mind that cars made for export to Canada can only do the short procedure, the long must be done by a dealer. Cars made for export to Europe cannot do either long or short procedure, they must be programmed by a dealer. I believe this is the case for cars destined for the GCC countries also, but would like to hear from an owner there to confirm it.
 Since the glovebox slot is something that most C6 owners never have used, they would normally be unaware that it is not working and may have never worked since the car was made. This is unique in the car because almost all the other systems in the car have been used at least once by the owner so as to know if they work. The metal key in the trunk lock would be another area that should be tested by the owner.
 The glovebox slot has no electrical plug in it. There is no direct, wired connection to the is simply a place that holds the fob right next to what is basically an antenna. The end of the fob that holds the keyring must face outwards and the fob buttons must face to the passenger side.
 Here are the instructions including the long, short and the test procedure for the slot.

C6 Fob Programming Instructions

 Before starting, it is important to make sure that the glovebox slot is working properly. If it is not, and the long procedure is started, then the car will be stripped of its fob programming, but will then not be able to accept new fob programming through the slot. This will leave the car unable to be started. Since most C6 owners have never tested the slot, or had to use it to start the car with a dead fob, they would be unaware if it had never been working properly since the car was new. To make sure that the glovebox slot is working, follow steps 1-6 below. Then in step 7, you may either insert the new, unprogrammed fob into the slot and continue to step 8, or you may insert one of the fobs that is currently programmed to the car into the slot. If the slot is presented with a fob that is ALREADY programmed to the car, the DIC will say “Known Fob”. This shows us that the slot is working correctly by recognizing this fob. Push the bottom half of the start button to end the session if you were just testing the slot for proper operation.

C6 Fob, Short Procedure….use these instructions 1-10 when you have a working fob and just want to add another to the system, or to test the operation of the glovebox slot.

 1. Put drivers window down all the way, then turn car off
 2. Unlock car and open trunk
 3. Glove box open
 4. Put working fob on console next to shifter (the one you are currently using to drive the car) IMPORTANT. Also make sure no cellphones are in the car.
 5. Put key in trunk keyhole and turn key five times in less than 5 seconds.
 6. DIC will now beep and light up and say “Ready for fob 3”.
7. Put new unprogrammed fob in slot by glovebox with buttons facing right (passenger) side and keyring facing outwards.
 8. Wait and watch DIC. When it says “Ready for fob 4” it is done. Up to four Fobs may be programmed to the car total.
 9. When all Fobs are programmed, push OFF/ACC (bottom half of start button) to turn off DIC.
 10. Test all four buttons on fob and then take away all other fobs and check car starting with new fob(s).

Testing the glovebox slot above. Step 6 gets the system into the program mode so that if you then put an unknown fob into the slot in step 7, it will be added to the car. If you put the already working fob into the slot in step 7, the DIC will say "KNOWN FOB" and nothing additional will be programmed. When it says KNOWN FOB, it shows you that the slot is working as it has read the fob and told you that it already has that fob programmed to the car. At this point, just push the OFF part of the start button and all is good, no changes made. If , at step 7, you put a known fob in the slot and the DIC does not say KNOWN FOB, then the slot is not working and you should not do the long procedure.

C6 Fob Long Procedure….use these instructions 11-22 to erase car memory and reprogram all Fobs. Be sure to confirm proper operation of the glovebox slot with the short procedure before using this one. Any lost Fobs that are not reprogrammed with this procedure will no longer work on the car. Lost Fobs that are later found may be added to the car with the short programming procedure. This procedure requires three consecutive ten minute waiting periods, so plan on spending about a half hour to do this, during which the car may not be moved. Remember that the number printed on the Fob only indicates the way it was first programmed at the factory. All Fobs are identical. The order in which they are placed in the glovebox slot determines what number the Fob is.

 11. Drivers window down, car off
 12. Trunk open
 13. Glove box open
 14. Make sure NO Fobs are anywhere near the car. IMPORTANT.
 15. Put key in trunk keyhole and turn key five times in less than 5 seconds.
 16. DIC will now beep and light up and say “Off/Acc to learn” If you decide at this point NOT to do the programming now, push the TOP half of the Start button and the car will return to normal. With step 17, all previous fobs will be erased. To continue with programming:
 17. Push bottom half of the Start button. DIC will say to wait 10 minutes and will start counting down the minutes. You may close the trunk and car door while waiting for the ten minute countdowns.
 18. After the first 10 minute countdown, DIC will again say “Off/Acc to learn”. Push bottom half of Start button again. DIC will again start counting down the ten minutes.
 19. After the second 10 minute countdown, DIC will again say “Off/Acc to learn”. Push bottom half of Start button again. DIC will again start counting down the ten minutes.
 20. After this third ten minute period is over, DIC will say “Ready for Fob #1” Regardless of the number on the Fob, the FIRST Fob that is put in the glovebox slot will be recognized as Fob #1. Put the first Fob in the glovebox slot with the buttons facing to the right (passenger) side and the keyring end facing outwards.
 21. After 3 or four seconds the DIC will beep and say “Ready for Fob #2”. Put the second Fob in the slot. The car will take a maximum of four fobs. When you have no more Fobs to program, push the bottom half of the Start button to end the programming session.
 22. Test all buttons on the fobs to make sure they work, then take all fobs away from the car and, one by one, try using each to start the car.

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Re: C6 Comprehensive Fob Programming Instructions
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What a pain in the a$$
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